Dog Bite Lawyer in Banff, Beaumont, and Chestermere

Every year, there are more than 1/2 million dog bites reported throughout Canada. This is potentially a great deal of liability when you consider that there are laws regarding the responsibility of dog owners (see Alberta’s “Dangerous Dogs Act”). So it’s important to understand how this law affects dog owners. Therefore, this law applies to residents of Banff, Beaumont, and Chestermere. Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, liability depends upon whether the owner of the animal knew that it was dangerous to others.

In other words, if the dog had no history of being aggressive or didn’t have a propensity to bite, the owner will not be found liable. Conversely, if a dog owner is aware that their pet could be a danger to others and allows the animal to be in situations where it could cause injuries to others, then they will be liable for the dog’s actions. However, there are situations where a dog bites an individual because they provoked the animal. In such cases, the courts may rule that the owner is not liable.

Personal Injury Claims for Dog Bites

The BEAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm specializes in cases involving animal attacks, or more specifically dog bites.  If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a dog bite attack, you may be entitled to compensation and should consult with a personal injury lawyer about your situation.  These types of personal injury claims are very complex and warrant the legal representation of an experienced injury lawyer.  As your legal representative, our firm will ensure that your rights are protected during your case.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, the owner of the animal may be ordered to pay you for damages, all financial losses caused by the attack, and your pain and suffering.  During litigation of your case, the court will determine the amount of compensation that you’re entitled to will be based on:

   How much you had to pay for medical treatment
   Lost wages resulting from missing time at work
   Needing additional surgeries in the future
   Whether or not your injuries are permanent
   Whether or not your injuries will affect your life


Keep in mind that no two dog bite cases are alike and that every such case is built on different yet unique circumstances.  Nor is there a guarantee that you’ll be compensated once the court has considered the circumstances surrounding the incident.  Based on your circumstances and the extent of your injuries, the court will determine what should be done with the dog.

For more information regarding personal injury claims for dog bites in Banff, Beaumont, and Chestermere or to schedule a FREE consultation appointment for your case, call the BEAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm today. Our legal staff would be happy to answer your questions and provide the relevant details.