Public Transit Accident Lawyer in Banff, Beaumont, and Chestermere

For many individuals that live in Banff, Beaumont, and Chestermere, the public transit system offers a great deal of convenience. For those who don’t have a vehicle or whose vehicle is in for repairs, they have an alternative venue for getting to work, running errands, and shopping. It’s also a great way for people to leave their vehicles at home and be kind to the environment. Unfortunately, there is a downside to consider and it comes in the form of public transit accidents.

Although you would think that these types of accidents are a rarity, they can be very serious for those passengers that are involved and sustain injuries as a result. That’s where the BEAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm can help. Having a personal injury lawyer can help you obtain fair and reasonable compensation if you or a loved one sustains injuries in public transit accidents. Our firm is committed to helping individuals and ensuring that their rights are protected throughout the legal process. We are with you at every step and ensure that justice is delivered irrespective of whether the claim is settled out of court or at the trial. .


As with any other personal injury case, claims involving public transit accidents can be very complex and difficult to resolve.  But regardless of the circumstances surrounding your particular case, we are always prepared to take on the bus company, their insurer, and their lawyers.  This is not the type of case that you want to handle without the legal representation that only an experienced injury lawyer can provide and  the BEAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm has years of experience with these types of cases.


When a cyclist or pedestrian is struck by a bus, it can be fatal. The accidents make the people vulnerable and at the risk of sustaining life-changing and fatal injuries increase dramatically.  However, passengers of the public transportation venue can be seriously hurt as well if even when no accident occurs.  The combination of an abrupt stop and the lack of safety belts can leave a passenger vulnerable to a wide range of injuries, serious or otherwise.

The following is a list of the more common injuries that result in public transit accidents and that every personal injury lawyer at our firm is familiar with:

   Back and neck injuries
   Broken bones
   Cuts and bruises
   Head injuries

   Soft-tissue injuries
   Spinal cord injuries
   Traumatic brain injuries


As one of Alberta’s premier personal injury legal firms, we are dedicated to helping each client recover any financial losses attributed to public transit accidents.  For additional information regarding legal representation in Banff, Beaumont, or Chestermere, call the BEAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm today.